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“One bite of Elisa’s Scrippelle Mbusse and I felt like I was sitting back in my great-grandmother’s kitchen. These are the kind of meals chefs live for, the flavors and recipes that first awakened their love of food.” Chef Michael Favacchia, Marly’s Restaurant.

For the 2nd time in less than a decade Abruzzo has endured earthquakes leaving many without homes and facing the loss of loved ones. Please pray for those affected today, I know many in the mist of the aftershocks and reliving the fear of 2009. Donate to the relief fund that will help rebuild their homes, church, and lives. 

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Italian Moms -

Spreading Their Art To Every Table

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About Elisa

After the loss of her husband of 56 years to cancer, Elisa realized she wanted to make sure she could remain financially independent, and although she continues to work with Special Needs Teens and Adults for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where she has devoted her life to serving others for 36 years. She realized this wasn't enough. 

Elisa's rustic and authentic recipes will bring the old world charm of the Italian countryside to your table. For individuals who want great tasting dishes with simple ingredients, this 76-year old shares her simple and foolproof process of making these Italian favorite.

She was born in August 1938 to farmers, Alfredo and Maria Fantozzi, in Poggio Valle, a small town in the province of Teramo, located in the Abruzzo region of Italy. As the second daughter, and one of six children, she learned to cook at a very young age. At 6-years old, she was sent to work for her aunt who was a local caterer.  Today, she continues to use the same simple ingredients to create the most wonderful family dinners and desserts.

 At 23, she immigrated to the United States with her late husband, Francesco, and daughter Nadia to Philadelphia. Starting from scratch, she built a family, an endless circle of friends and found a career.

She thanks God that after her year of grieving the loss of her husband, he has given her the strength to find this new purpose in life. She is excited to share her art with all that want to learn, and knows her husband would be proud to see her finally making a dream of hers come true. 

Hello, World!

Elisa and the Students of Malvern Prep, Malvern PA.

Preparing Dinner for the Malvern Prep Football Team. Elisa is showing her support for this amazing program by donating a portion of her proceeds to the team. Use CODE Malvern Football at checkout to support the team. 

About the Book 

The book, Italian Moms Spreading Their Art to Every Table, features some of Elisa's favorite recipes including: Antipasti, pasta, breads and pizza, main dishes and desserts. The recipes are easy to follow and stimulate the taste buds.

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Winner of the NIAF - National Italian American Foundation preserving Italian Culture Contest!